Technine T Money Review

2011 Technine T Money

Technine Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, HoodiesThis Technine snowboard is capable of anything imaginable It is a directional twin-shaped board that is oriented for the freestyle and all mountain rider. The radial side-cut will keep a smooth, consistent ride, and the centered flex that is about a 4 is going to keep you happy all day long. The poplar wood core that runs tip to tail is fantastic. Poplar wood is going to be light and responsive and torsional strong.
The thing that makes this board’s core amazing is that it’s milled out in the center, and there is a honeycomb air insert inside. Saves a little bit of weight, and keeps nice center flex snappy. The biax fiberglass runs in two directions, from tip to tail and from edge to edge. But what makes this amazing is well, besides the fiberglass, is the triple-layer dampening system that it has. Three pieces of rubber make one layer of dampening. In between the top layer of the fiberglass and the core is a triple-layer of dampening, and in between the base glass and the core is another triple-layer of dampening. When you’re hauling ass down the hill, this thing is not going to vibrate very much because of that triple-layer dampening system.

Tip to tail, this thing also has carbon stringers. When you flex it one direction, it’s going to flex back to its original position. The glass, the gloss on top is a matte finish; kind of semi-gloss, semi-matte, and it also has a rough effects touch. That’s right, from Technine the T Money, capable of anything you can throw at it, for the freestyle and all mountain snowboarder out there.


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