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Women’s Technine Snowboard Bindings

Today we arr talking about the Technine Dimes Binding. Obviously very, very pink; but a lot of you ladies out there like that, so this would be a good choice. What you’re looking at is a really, really good binding at a lower price structure. It’s got plenty of padding in the base plate, so if you’re on icy hard pack terrain it’s really going to soak up all the chop that you get. From there, you’re looking at a metal ratchet. That’s going to be very durable in polar conditions. Ratchet is good on both the entrance and the release. For the toe strap, you actually have the new toecap strap. But this one is nice because it can still be layered over the top as well too for those of you who prefer that system. Other than that, we have a pretty decently tall high back that’s going to be nice and supportive, good for doing style turns. It’s also got a little rhinestone in the back there for all the fashion junkies. Leather strap on the ankle, so it’s going to conform to any kind of boot you put it in to. And comes with either three or four hole discs, so you can use it on any board on the market, with the exception of Burton boards that have “The Channel”. Technine Dimes Binding, It’s AWESOME!
Tech 9 Dime Snowboard Binding


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