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2011 Stepchild Salary Man Snowboard

This is a Stepchild Salary Man aka Powder Sucks snowboard. StepChild Snowboards are designed and engineered in Canada and Manfactured in Austria. The Salary Man comes in a couple different profile shapes. It comes in yes camber and reverse camber, with midwide options. This board is going to have a medium-type flex and a centered stance. The shape is going to be a true twin, meaning the nose and the tail are going to be the exact same shape and flex.

StepChild adds Armadillo plates that go underneath the bindings are going to give this board a little bit more structural integrity because of their reinforced fiberglass. The Kicker I Core runs from tip to tail and it’s made out of poplar wood.

The Biax fiberglass runs in two different directions at 90 degrees and at 0 degrees. The classic radial side-cut radius is going to keep a smooth, consistent feel both in the entrance and the exits of turns. And the base – the base is pretty unique, it has tiny little grooves in it, kind of like a golf ball. It’s going to cause for less friction, it’s going to be very fast, and it’s going to have this great graphic all season long because of the silkscreen graphic is underlay. It is factory waxed by OneBallJay, so when you pull this thing out of the wrapper it’s going to be good to go. The Non Stick UV Lacquer topsheet is going to hold your stickers down just fine but it will make sure the snow slicks right off the top of it. That’s right, this is the Stepchild Salary Man, also known as Powder Sucks.


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