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You Know My Function’s video premiere at Famous Daves in Calhoun Square in South Minneapolis was a blast!  Brett Spurr and Sam Duncan together with help of The House Boardshop, Yo Beat, Banshee Bungee, and Bern Helmets they were able to pull off a fun and exciting movie, highlighting some Minnesota hometown heros.

You Know My Function was definitely a crowd pleasing event.  Brett and Sam gave out 300 free copies of the 19 minute 12 second You Know My Function film.  If you were lucky enough to snag one, enjoy it because they were all gone soon after the doors opened for the show.

You Know My Function has mostly technical jib shots and music that spans from hard rap to oldies.  If you like rewinding and slow mo-ing snowboard movies, You Know My Function is for you.  Jordan Daniels has a banger last part, and everyone involved killed it.

Here are a few highlights from You Know My Function film in order of appearance:

Collin Wilson – 30 stair Front Blunt 270 & Nollie Back Lip Back 270 out of a kink

Jake Moorer – Backside 50-50 kink Back 3 out

Jeffy Gabrick – Frontside 50-50 double kink against a chain link

Al Binder – Back 3 off a long up tree jib & Winter Waterslide

Josh Boeser – Stail Bombdrop gap (TWS Cover Quality)

Cole Linzmeyer – Switch Nollie Frontside Tail Press 20 stair & Front Lip double kink

Justin Fronius – Pillow drop & Back 3 pillow cliff drop

Ethan Deiss – Front 270 wall ride gap

Vanessa Moore – 50-50 up rail Front 180 out

Scott Rutherford – Back Board double kink Front 270 off donkey dick

Kent Leng – Front 180 kink gap to Switch Tail Press

Matt Melo – Frontside 50-50 double kink rail Front 3 off flat over down

George Miller – 20 stair Bombdrop

Aiden Flanagan – Frontside 50-50 Back 180 wall transfer & Front Board curve rail Pretzel 270 off donkey dick

Gabby Maiden – Back Nose huge cement ledge

Joey Peterson – Nollie Back Lip something something something sick

Head Wrap (?) – Front Lip 270 out

Mike Casanova – Frontside 50-50 to Front 270 mini gap Switch Front Board

Erik Overson – High speed Back Board through double kink donkey dick

Jon Overson – Front 270  continuous 270 out

Shane Hoschette – Frontside 50-50 double kink Front 3 off donkey dick

Andy Glader – Gap to Frontside 50-50

Pat Campanaro – Frontside Tail Press to Front 90 sparky landing wedge transfer

Blake Rhodes Reid – Back Nose

Jordan Emerson – Back Board wood crate landing Nollie Front Flip retaining wall

Cullen Bernklau – Big Front Lip gap to down

Sam Bakken – Front 180 to Switch 50-50 double kink donkey dick

Aaron Becker – Back 3 gap to wood down handrail

Jesse Paul – Frontside 50-50 through kink gap off lat Front 3 to 50-50 down

Todd Kirby – Alley-Oop Front 7 Mute spine

Eli McElwain – Cab 270 Front Board ledge drop & Frontside Tail Press long kink

Jordan Daniels – Front 180 to Switch 50-50 Back 3 out, Back Lip double kink donkey dick, & Back 3 Tail gap over chain link and 4 retaining walls







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