This year’s SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Trade Show in Denver looked more like a Jurassic setting rather than a powder junkie gathering when K2 unveiled its carnivorous  2015 Shreditor skis: the T-Rexes of the ski world. Shreditors are twin-tip freeride skis ranging in widths from 92mm to 136mm and are designed for the playful, surfy skier who desires uber-control off- or on-piste.  Be the hunter not the hunted on these all-mountain slayers.

Li’l Mike, K2’s right ski man, dispels the theory that playful skis cannot charge hard or rail on edge when needed.  He touts the Shreditors as being playful, fun skis that can pivot on a dime on hardpack and excel in steep and deep. You deep-pow tweakers will love their twitch-and-go nimbleness and incredible maneuverability through trees or fallen bodies during a zombie apocalypse.  The “new-school” tip to tail add a light, loose, surfy performance for those aggressive, artsy skiers who like to leave their expressive marks all over the mountain. Finesse and creativity are what bring the thrill of the hunt to the Shreditors.

The Shreditor series has won numerous awards over the past two years, including: Skiing Official Selection 2014, Ski Magazine Gold Medal Gear 2014, On the Snow and Backcountry Editors’ Choice, BackCountry Gear Guide Select, Powder Skier’s Choice, and Editor’s Pick 2013.


 2015 K2 Shreditor 136 Powabunga

PaddyO on the snow –  2015 K2 Shreditor Demo



Kids K2 Shreaditor Skis

Click here to see out our selection of K2 Kid Skis.

2015 K2 Shreditor 85 

2015 K2 Shreditor 75 


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