The House Team Skateboard Gear

There is nothing better than getting the skate team together for a little session.  The Little Canada skate park is less than a mile away from The House Boardshop and the the crew is always willing to get some shots.

When you see someone killing it at the park you may wonder what they’re riding, but there is park etiquette;  generally you’ll never ask what other people are skating.  It’s weird.  That’s why you’ll see some of our team skateboard completes below.  Don’t be afraid though, if you ever see Joe and Justin Scherer, Danny Kern or Kenny Peterson at the park feel free to chat them up.  They won’t bite.


Kenny Peterson Complete

Kenny Peterson Skate Complete

Skateboard:  Darkstar Lunker Al 
Trucks:  Thunder
Wheels:  Darkstar Skull Street Formula
Bearings:  Independent Genuine
Hardware:  Independent Phillips
Grip Tape:  Mob


Joe Scherer Complete

Joe Scherer Skate Complete

Skateboard:  Superior I Heart
Trucks:  Krux Downlow LTD
Wheels:  Secret
Bearings:  Element Thriftwood
Hardware:  Diamond Rodrigues Hella Tight
Grip Tape:  Superior Checker


Justin Scherer Complete

Justin Scherer Skate Complete

Skateboard:  Enjoi Whitey Panada
Trucks:  Royal Four Low
Wheels:  Speed Demons Greaser
Bearings:  Loaded Jehu Precision
Hardware:  Speed Demons Allen 
Grip Tape:  Superior Spiral


Danny Kern Complete

Danny Kern Skate Complete

Skateboard:  Darkstar Anagram Al 
Trucks:  Krux Downlow LTD 
Wheels:  Plan B Paul Rodriguez
Bearings:  Shortys Black Panther
Hardware:  Shortys Phillips Lights
Grip Tape:  Mob


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