Shred to Toe: Justine Pinkerton

Justine Pinkerton’s Shred to Toe

The newest member of The House Boardshop’s Snowboard Team, Justine Pinkerton, knows how to throw down.  That’s more than half the reason we picked her up.  She slays everything in her path and has a smile on her face when she does it.  oh yeah, welcome to the team.

Justine Pinkerton - Wood Rail - The-House.comShe got to where she is by riding gear that can take a beating in the streets and in the parks.  If you want to Front 3 Out peep the gear she’s rocking and you might have a chance to get awesome like she does.  It doesn’t matter if you’re into rail jams, slope comps, or late night towrope sessions – Rome Snowboards, Justine’s hardgood sponsor, designs gear that will get your shred game on the next level.

Check Justine’s Full Season Edit at the bottom of the page along with links the gear she rides.

Justine Pinkerton

1. Rome – Wild Cat Snowboard
2. Rome – Beanie
3. Flanel – Hoodie
4. Flanel – Coaches Jacket
5. Rome – Logo Mittens
6. Rome – Memphis Boots
7. Rome – Pants
8. Rome – MFR Bindings
* No Featured – Ashbury – Kaleidoscope Goggles


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