Photo:  Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

Golden Child Turns Bad Boy

Put your hands together for Shaun White’s PR Director.  By winning 2 Winter Olympic Gold Metals, 24 X Games Metals, and receiving the inconceivable perfect score,  somehow Shaun White lost a considerable amount of respect.   Since the launch of Shaun White Inc’s failed attempt in the scooter market, there needed to be major changes.  Back at HQ his team devised a plan:  Get Shaun more street credit A.K.A. Mission Tomato Fling.

Shaun White Inc’s PR Department knew they had to keep Shaun safe all while making him look bad as ever, hence the location…Nashville.

Mission Tomato Fling Objective Plan:

  1. Drink Jack Daniels
  2. Start a fight in Loews Vanderbilt Hotel bar
  3. Get arrested
How Mission Tomato Fling actually happened:
  1. Drank 7 Strawberry Daiquiri Wine Coolers
  2. Stumbles from hotel room and accidentally pulls fire alarm (all guests evacuate)
  3. Calls mom from hotel lobby pay phone to let her know it feels strange being drunk for the first time
  4. Breaks pay phone because it doesn’t accept his Black AMX card or $100 bills
  5. Attempts to flee build via taxi but is stopped for autographs by a crowd of 14 yr. old girls
  6. Kicks a girl’s father because he forgot a pen
  7. Gets chased and tackled by girl’s father (receives black eye)
  8. Gets arrested for Vandalism and Public Intoxication

Although Mission Tomato Fling didn’t go as expect, the final objective was reached.  Shaun White Inc. will soon be releasing Jail Soap Snowboard Wax, Handcuff Binding Leashes, and Orange Riding Jumpsuits.




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