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2011 Salomon Boss Snowboard Binding

Salomon Snowboards, Snowboard Boots and BindingsThis is the Salomon Boss. That’s right, getting down and dirty like Andy Samberg with these snowboard binding. The composite 30% Slasher baseplate and chassis actually are molded together, so you don’t have to worry about a bunch of different moving parts. The EVA adjustable toe ramps and footbeds are going to absorb a lot of impact. And the power heel locks will keep your heel locked in its thing all day long.

The Drumframe highback has a nice flat shape, and yes, it’s fully adjustable, both in the tool-less forward lean and with a couple turns of screw, you can make this parallel with your heel side edge.

The 3D Prime Core ankle strap is cored out, that’s right, to save a lot of weight and materials, and so is the True-Fit Fast-Grip toe strap. Both the toe strap and the ankle strap have micro adjusters, so you can center these straps on your boot. The aluminum Viper ratchets make it quick to get into and easy to get out of. And one of my favorite things about this binding is the fact that it’s completely flat black. The straps have denim on them is that’s cool. This is the Boss by Salomon.


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