Rossignol Decoy Review

Rossignol Decoy Snowboard- 2011

This is about the Rossignol freestyle oriented snowboard called the Decoy. This board comes in Midwide options and it is a twin board. The nose and tail are going to be the exact same shape, and there is a centered stance. The freestyle Amptek profile has a rise in the center of 5 mm, and after the bindings, the board’s nose and tail will gradually rock up. The decoy is super poppy and stable. The nose and the tail are going to be a little bit stiffer for the extra ollie pop that you’ll need, and the waist is actually a little bit softer. The. core is a TW3 core with carbon and Kevlar inserted stringers. There are three different kinds of wood that run from tip to tail. The centered base is a 4000. It’s going to absorb a lot wax. It’s going to be very durable and it’s going to ride very, very fast! That’s theĀ  Rossignol Decoy!


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