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On August 1st, 2006, a handful of other riders, Parks, Chad, Emily, Harf started their own company Ronix, with Paul and Herb O’Brien and, basically, their goal was to build the best wakeboard product available, making your wakeboarding experience that much more enjoyable. One of the ways we did that was with this boot.
Every year at the surf expo, the WSIA, the Water Sports Industry Association, votes on the most influential product of the year, and last year the award went to this boot for being the most innovative product. So that’s a huge accomplishment for Ronix and definitively a testament to the boot. This boot is a medium density boot which means that the overall support of the boot is right in the middle. It’s not the stiffest boot in the market and it’s not the softest boot in the market either.

This boot  is still stiff enough to where you get all the reaction time that you need, plus being medium density gives you plenty of comfort. It is personal preference on how stiff you like your boots.  What Danny Harf found is that a medium density is perfect for him. It will allows you to do everything that you need it to do without sacrificing comfort.

One of the coolest things about this boot is the fact that they use Intuition liners. This makes the boot ultralight and it also makes the boot heat moldable and custom fits to anyone’s foot. So, having the Intuition liners makes Ronix the only watersports brand that has a heat moldable, custom fit, wakeboard boot. New to Ronix in 2011, is the Intuition Plus liner which makes them  lighter, more conforming to your feet, and less prone to packing out which will help to keep that heat molded fit for years to come.

The Cell, the Relik and the One Boot all have what we call the Feet Belt and, basically, it is a harness. As you tighten your strings down and tighten your boots, it’s actually pulling your foot back into the heel cup of the boot. You’re not slip forward in the boot and that harness is actually pulling you back into the boot. So, you get the perfect fit and you’re in the right spot in your liner.

Built into the bottom of the Intuition liner is Ronix’s Rad Foam. It is really awesome dampening foam which is, basically, higher density foam. So, as you come down and set your heel down onto the boot with this high density foam, you don’t bottom out and you get plenty of cushioning as you take a hard landing. Another new feature to this One boot is the low friction eyelets that have a plastic liner on the eyelets. So, as you tighten up your laces, there is no friction and you get a smoother, better fitting lace-up. So, new for 2011, we’ve tweaked our Last again to further improve on the ongoing evolution of a wakeboarders’ foot in the binding. For 2011, we also have the One boot which comes in another colorway, black and yellow. This is the One Collection and thanks for checking it out.


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