Ronix Cell Wakeboard Boots Review

I’m Chad Sharpe. I’m an owner/rider of Ronix Wakeboard. In my binding I like it stiff and responsive. When you want it to do something, it does it. Growing up playing ice hockey, the skate was responsive and when snowboarding you want it as responsive edge to edge. Just like in my wakeboard boot I want it to respond when I make an action. The Ronix intuition plus is not going to pack out. After you’ve had it heat molded to your foot a size 6 won’t turn into a size 8. On top of the structural integrity this boot is lighter than ever. Our new liner has a new last. It’s based off a wakeboarder’s foot; we’ve made some tweaks since our first go around. It’s built for a wake boarders foot with the forward-lean and the toe ramp and that is the building block of the intuition liner. On top of that we’ve created a new last for the shell of the binding to ensure a proper fit between the liner and the shell for no hot spots or dead space. A couple of years ago we developed the first basis boot that bring you closer to the board and gives you better control and we are improving on that. All of our bindings are pvc free and if you need a more custom fit we have J bars that you wrap around your ankle to take up extra space. If you have a skinny ankle it will take up any space and give you a custom fit. I’m Chad Sharpe for Ronix and I hope you get a chance to try out my boot; I really think you’ll enjoy it.

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