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Rome’s boots are all about comfort. With a numerous different liners throughout their collection, no matter if you’re buying our highest-end Folsom boot or down to the first-priced Smith boot. The whole idea behind Rome Boot line is comfort, so they using many different technologies to allow you to get comfort. They have things like Skate Cuff, which is available in our Libertine boot. The Ellen P. Libertine boot, allows you to get optimum heel hold-down and secures a snug fit around your ankle.

Also Rome Boots offers a pretty neat lace system known as Pureflex. Pureflex is a lace system that is unique in the business. It allows you to tighten your inside liner at the same time that you lace your outer shell simultaneously. It’s pretty neat and you should try it our. It’s offered on numerous models in our collection such as the Libertine, which is one of our best-selling models, and it’s also offered at our first price point down in the Smith model. So we have women’s boots models, men’s boots models, again, if you’re looking for a boot that you can wear all day, drive your car with it, and have a boot that’s more comfortable than your sneaker, I suggest you try out a Rome boot, ’cause they’re pretty darn good.

Rome Boots- New Tech For 2012

Skate Cuff– Keeping you heal locked and loaded

Anti Gravity Outsoles– New EVA soles that help make Rome snowboard boots  super lightweight.

Memory Foam Heal Cup– Conforming and holding your heal down like never before.


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