Ride LXH Bindings Review

Ride Womens LXH Snowboard Bindings

Ride Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets, Pants, Hoodies, Bags, Backpacks, Men's, Women's, Kid's, YouthThis is the Ride ladies specific LXH Snowboard binding. This binding is going to be comfortable and have a lot of style at an affordable price. The foundation chassis is made out of 100% aircraft-grade aluminum that’s going to be versatile and have a medium flex. The Comfort padding footbed has EVA shock pads as well. So ladies, if you’re boosting off those jumps like Jamie Anderson and landing flat like Sarka, these EVA footbeds are going to absorb a lot of the impact.

There’s also a lady specific DaLux highback. This highback is going to be little bit shorter than a men’s specific highback. Ladies of course have shorter calves than men and this is going to be right where it needs to be. It will also give you a lot of medial flex towards the inside of the binding and a lot of lateral flex towards the outside of the binding, for nice tweaked out grabs. The Balance 3-D molded ankle straps are going to be your best friend because they also have EVA padding. And the ThinGrip toe straps are going to keep your toes and feet in place where they need to be. Ride has put this space-like grippy material on the toe strap so you can wear it on top of your foot or on the front of your toes. The quick ratchets are going to be great to get in and out of your bindings with ease. The best part about theses bindings is they have a lot of toolless adjustments. The highback has a toolless forward lean adjustment. The ankle strap and toe straps also have toolless adjustments that will allow you to align these straps to the center of your boots. Ladies, go enjoy these bindings. This is the Ride LXH ladies specific Snowboard Bindings.


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