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The Ride Nitrane Contraband Bindings in Blazing Orange. What we have here is a Contraband binding. If you don’t know what the Contraband binding is, it is this — it is a one strap binding system that allows for quick release and a quick entry. What I love about this binding is that it’s a Contraband and it has a web system so it kind of keeps your big toes inside the binding.

It’s fully adjustable so if your feet hang off the binding super far you can always adjust the strap either out this direction or out this direction as well. It has the ultra-light ratchets and a one finger quick release. Also, one of my favorite features of all the straps are their tool-less quick releases. So if you need to make adjustments when your on a hill, you can do that as well. If you want your friends to try them out, you can use the tool-less quick release and you can change them. Another great feature on these bindings is the dual construction high back. From what you see, it has two different densities in the high back. On the bottom it is really, really stiff but on top it is great for flexing gear and getting over the top of the nose on the board when you’re jibbing out there in the park. You all see it is fully padded. It’s very, very comfortable. On the inside of the classic chassis foot bed you will see the wedgie foot bed system. This is a 2.5 wedgie so it has a little bit more angle in the cant system. Now the cant is when it aligns your ankles and your knees a little bit better so that they’re in a straighter line so they cause you to have more comfort. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Ride Nitrane Contraband Binding from Ride Snowboards — enjoy.


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