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Dave here at The House talking about one of our best selling snowboard boots of all time, one of my personal favorites. I’m talking about the Vans Hi Standard snowboard boots. This is the Marcus Keller color way, kind of his pro model upgrade color way on this one.
What you’re looking at, basically it’s going to have the Vans shoe styling running through it. You got the old school little wave thing running through the middle of it. The sole on this one is very, very nice. It’s a Vans light sole. This is all going to be a Phylon-type material where the white is, rubber on the black and yellow areas just to give you better grip on ice, better traction when you’re climbing a pipe wall or whatever. Phylon is just used to save a ton of weight. It’s a very lightweight snowboard boot. You’ve got three stainless steel hooks at the top here, definitely going to be really, really durable, not going to crack in the cold. They have a nice heel counter here separate from the rest of the snowboard boot. That hides the little neoprene flex window behind it so they’re not going to deform that much when you’re flexing with them. This pull tab in the back to get on to them. Inside you got a 3D molded tongue.
You got a really nice lace harness on this one. It’s going to hold your whole foot and the liner back in the outer part of the snowboard boot so that you get really good heel hold with that. The liner is going to be a really nice heat moldable liner. The Vans ones are just body heat active right out of the box. Just wear them around and they mold to your foot. I loved my snowboard boots, riding for three days at Tahoe. It was just puking snow and I rode them right out of the box, never wore them before and they were great for me. A Lycra panel in the toe here lets you flex your toes a little bit more, which is going to promote blood flow out to the extremity of the foot and keep you warmer. A 3D molded tongue just like the outer. It has a nice, deep Achilles pocket in the back. It’s going to give you really good heel hold, and then there’s a Velcro tab to keep it from shifting side to side when you’re riding. Nice reinforcement here; obviously it’s going to circle in around your ankle, giving you really good heel hold there too.
Felt bottom just keeps the cold from emanating up through the bottom of the snowboard boot. That moves into a two component outsole. You got nice arch support, really deep heel pocket. It’s going to keep you centered in there. And then you got the extra shock absorption in the heel and also on the ball of the foot. Rounds out, it’s a really good snowboard boot. This comes in at a really good price point. Super comfortable; really, really lightweight.
You definitely can tell Vans knows what they’re doing. The Vans Hi Standard snowboard boots.



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