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Dave here at The House, talking about the Vans Encore snowboard boot. What you are looking at here is basically a high standard with a Boa. Super, super good selling snowboard boot, a lot of value in here for sure.

What you’re looking at, sole on this one is going to be the Vans light. It’s mostly phylon in all these black areas, and then the yellow, green and red will be rubber, really good at gripping ice. But, they use the phylon, most of it, to keep the weight down. From there, you got the Rasta color way. This one is the ‘bad brains’ Rasta color way. So, definitely going to be a very hot selling color way, I probably won’t be hold on to these to terribly long, I imagine.

That rolls into the main feature, which is the Boa. Basically, Boa just makes it really easy to get your snowboard boots as tight as you want them to be, they are not going to loosen up throughout the day. This is nice, because this one has included the coiler, which eliminates the one thing I didn’t like about my Boa snowboard boots, which is when you pull the tongue out, you have to sit there forever to crank the cable back in. The coiler actually will retract it in there, so you that you don’t have to do this quite as much. Other than that, very durable, very proven system the Boa is. It’s 29 strands of stainless steel, definitely going to hold up to any kind of abuse that you can throw at it.

Outer on this one, is going to be a mixture of cordura and then the synthetic leather. Definitely very water proof. A very, very lightweight snowboard boot. Into the interior, you got a 3D molded tongue, a really good at sucking up next to the shin. It’s not going to deform under the pressure of the Boa. It provides really good fit. It does have a lace harness as well too, something I consider a necessity on my snowboard boots. It just keeps the liner and your foot pulled into the back of the snowboard boot, rather than the ones that have the laces on liner, where you’re just securing your foot in the liner itself. Speaking of that, I’ve got a very nice heat multiple liner from them. This one’s body heat active, so you just ‘rock’ them and they mold to your foot as you wear them. Got a lycra panel in the toe here, it’s going to let you wiggle your toes circulating the blood flow out to the extremities of the foot, which will keep you warmer than a battery powered sock would. You got some nice reinforcement right around the ankle here.

Once again, to provide good heal hold, and stiffen it up just a tad. 3D molded tongue on the liner as well. There’s Velcro on the one side just to keep it from shifting while you’re riding. And has a nice deep ankle pocket in this one, really going to give you good heal hold there as well too. Into the insole, real nice dual component, you got nice soft foam, really deep heal counter, nice arch support, then they put in the extra soft stuff in just to give you more swish on the landings, kind of acts like a suspension when you are riding. I love the Vans snowboard boots. This one is a very solid seller for us, and this color way is definitely probably not going to make until Christmas.

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  1. Bruce January 24, 2013 at 7:22 am - Reply

    Like, dude, sweet, review, and nice use of commas. It’s one thing for people to speak like they were Spicoli, but reading it in a review of a product that you sell makes it tough to follow, nevermind the failure of basic grammar and sentence structure. I had to read it twice and it got worse the second time.

    • gufrocks March 13, 2013 at 11:34 am - Reply

      It’s a Google transcription… Thanks for reading it twice.

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