Dave, here at The House, talking about the Signal Vita Snowboard. A really, really cool snowboard. Signal is definitely one of my favorite brands. We carry it in the shop for one simple fact.
On the base, it has written, a “by hand, hand-made in the USA by Russ.” So, these things are made in So-Cal. There’s only a couple of other companies that are making their stuff in the States, still. Super, super cool, ride, your own company. Hand-made in the States. Really good quality control. Definitely, the ability to pump out snowboards on a whims notice, so they get the most current tech, the quickest, to the riders.
What you’re looking at with this one, twin kill everything for the women. It is an all-mountain, freestyle snowboard. It can ride ice, it can ride powder. It can do beginner, it can do expert. It’s an amazingly versatile, quality, high end snowboard. On this one, obviously, you’re running a full, tip to tail, wood core. They use, pretty much, straight laminates all the way through. It gives it really, really true flex. It also allows them to lighten up, there’s less glue on their cores versus other ones, which will run little chunky cores, or what not. The sidewall construction is really, really tried and true. Very durable. Good edge hold on icy, hard-pack terrain. And, definitely, what you should be looking for in any snowboard nowadays. Before I move to the base, I’ve got to touch on the four-by-two insert pattern. Really good stance, width adjustment on this one. Also, you can, definitely, bang out a wider stance.
The graphic on this one just makes me smile, and all warm and tingly inside. So, it’s, definitely, going to be a solid seller, with that. Base. Got the super awesome Signal die-cut base they put on all their snowboards. Definitely, a really clean, crisp graphic with the die-cut. It’s got a really fast base on this one. Very nice, full-wrapping metal edge. Flex, in this bad girl, here, I would say is going to be a softer, probably, like, a three-and-a-half out of ten. Really good for park. You can ride anywhere on the mountain, but, if you’re just, like, a dedicated free-rider, you know, bombing shoots, going out of bounds, you might want to look at something a littler stiffer. Other than that, for the other ninety percent of the riders out there, this thing is going to crush it.
Definitely, one of my favorite women’s snowboards from one of my favorite companies – theĀ Signal Vita Snowboard.



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