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Dave here at The House, talking about the Signal Park series snowboard. This is the Signal that I have ridden quite a bit, super, super good snowboard for like Midwest, east coast park rat or somebody out West that isn’t doing the booter over 40 or so.
The name of the game on this one is it is incredibly soft flex yet so durable construction. Typically the snowboards that are soft would usually be like entry level or beginner decks and they don’t hold up to the abuses that the park can dole out. This one definitely has very meaty sidewall, almost vertical, putting a lot of heat over the snowboard edge. It will give really good bite on icy hard pack park terrain, again it can absorb a lot of damage if you are misusing it.
It has a full length wood core, simple bi-axial fiberglass, real lay up, on this one, they really want to promote that flexibility. It is two twin and has extremely jibberiffic kind of extruded base. You can basically fix it really easy if it gets gouged out, doesn’t require that much maintenance. It is a just really simple, really good riding, really durable deck made by the folks at Signal. Definitely you are going to see a lot of these running at bare mountain high and down a fissure. Like I said this is the snowboard that I ride, I have been just abusing the living piss out of it, weighing 200 pounds, and I am not a skinny guy and this thing has held up for me great.
Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed. The Signal Park series snowboard.



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