Dave, here at The House. Before we get started on this super awesome Salomon Salvador Sanchez snowboard, I’m going to give you a little taste of behind-the-scenes, what goes on out behind the camera. And how I get so energetic for these videos when I’m doing, oh, say, 200 a day. It’s Dollar Store energy, nothing but the grape flavor. You know, since it’s a dollar, you figure you got to make up for the fact that, you know, it’s not, it’s two dollars less expensive than the three dollar stuff, so you drink two. Like this. Ah. All right. All jazzed, ready to talk about Salvador Sanchez.

Basically, Salomon took their extremely popular Sanchez snowboard, gave it a reverse camber, or a rocker pattern. They do it pretty cool on this one. It’s going to be pretty flat between the snowboard binding positions and then it kicks ever so slightly up at the nose and the tail. That’s really nice because when you’re out in most snow conditions you’re still going to have full base contact. It’s not wackily kicked up like a lot of them are.

From there, you’ve got the Salomon durability that they’ve always had with their snowboards. Really, really tough stuff. The purple sections, here, you can see the rubber dampening foil that they use just underneath the snowboard bindings. And that’s really going to be helpful as far as giving the snowboard a little bit more suspension when you’re riding icy, hard-pack terrain. It’s also going to absorb kinks on rails a little bit better too. And, just create a better, you know, a little bit less of a set-down stress when you’re going down on the metal.

From there, you’ve got really, really sick graphics on this one, by Tech Norris. Pretty sweet stuff. You’ve got purple dice. You’ve got a few little windows, you can see into the inlay. Other than that, this is a really, really sharp looking snowboard.

To the base. You’ve got, basically, an extruded base. Really good clarity to it. It’s going to be designed to be pretty maintenance-free. If it does get a gouge from a rock or a rail, you can really easily fill it in. On this one, the Salomon special formula, if you get it scratched up from rails and stuff like that, it’s still going to be really fast out there too.

Obviously, on this one you’re looking at a twin shape, flex, side-cut, stance, everything. Its got radial side-cut. Pretty decent radial. It can definitely handle its own on the jumps and carving around the resort too. But this thing is definitely a park rat by trait. A super good snowboard. We sell through it every single year, especially with this newer model with the hot limited graphic on it. You’ve got to pick this one up early, if you want to play. Salomon Salvador Sanchez snowboard.



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