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I’m Dave here at the house talking about the Rossignal Myth women’s snowboard.

I always tell my customers over the phone that Rossignal is one of the best “bang for the bucks” we have in the shop. As a result of the sheer number of skis and snowboards they produce worldwide. Even at their full retail price they’re competing against snowboards that are priced higher with other companies.

It is an entry-level to intermediate-level, all mountain twin snowboard. It has a twin shape, which definitely can be ridden anywhere on the mountain. It’s very forgiving, very balanced, and very playful. The snowboard has a pretty nice 80’s inspired graphics which is hot right now within the snowboard community. It has a sidewall construction, which is something you should swear by. This protects the innards of the snowboard better. Gives it better edge grip on icy, hard-packed terrain. The sidewall wraps the whole way around the snowboard protecting the nose and tail along with the steel edge.

It has an extruded base, so it’s very easy to maintain. You don’t have to wax it quite as much. It is also easier to repair if you get a nick from a rock. The sidecut on this one is a progressive. This gives you a really good and easy turn initiation, but then powers you through to the next one very well. I really like the Rossi sidecuts. Flex on this one is going to be about a 3.5. Definitely good for a park snowboard or an entry to intermediate rider. Pretty versatile, pretty forgiving, fun snowboard to ride. Rossignal Myth snowboard.



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