Review: Rossignol Decoy Snowboard

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This is the Rossignol Decoy snowboard. This is a high-end Twin Tip freestyle snowboard. Normally you hear Twin Tip, you think pipe, park, groomed, prepared snow. If you’re the kind of rider though that likes to use the entire mountain as your terrain park, this is the snowboard for you.
What makes this snowboard unique and what gives it that all mountain or even backcountry versatility as a twin is the nose and tail profile. It has got a very progressive shape to the nose and tail, allows that nose to come up a little more smoothly, allows you to be able to ride powder, manky snow, crud all extremely well. But still we maintain that low tip and tail profile across the nose shape to have that low swing weight. So, again, great for spinning. Even in the backcountry though with that nose and tail profile, it allows you to land in that powder or manky snow and still stay on top, not ragdoll.
Atmosphere Clothing did the graphics for this snowboard. Its one of our artist collection snowboards and you will find this really ties in a lot to what they do with their clothing collection this year. If you want any additional specs on this snowboard, you can go to the website for waist width, construction, sidecut, it’s all there. The Rossignol Decoy snowboard.



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