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2011 Rome s90 binding

The Rome S90 binding has become one of the most popular choices for staying attached to your board. Why? Well you don’t need much out of a binding right? Just something to keep you on your board and let you out when it time to hit the lodge. The S90 does all that and more with tons of great options that make them perfect for all types of riding styles. They have just enough flex and responsiveness to take them anywhere.

The straps are the highlight that really has sets Rome apart. On the ankle, the S90 has a contoured strap filled with a cold-resistant gel. It sounds like something straight from the future but rest assured it is a reality— they won’t stiffen up when the temps drop. The toe strap is convertible, so you can wear it old-school or new-school, and it will mold to your toe for a perfect fit. And thanks to Rome SDS tool-free technology you can adjust these bindings just about anywhere.

The base plate rests between two foam shock pad that help to dampen hits when you come up short and reduce the vibration when you flying down the hill at mach 10. When you get these bindings on snow you’ll definitely feel it. The ratchets are smooth and quick. The highback has tool-free forward lean adjustment which makes it quick easy to switch it up for riding in the halfpipe.


S/M for shoe size 6-9 and L-XL for 9-14.

Key Features of the Rome S90 Snowboard Bindings:

  • New Highback: Ample coring for lightness and flexibility
  • Traditional Hybrid Baseplate
  • Contour Ankle Strap: The 3D shape and cold-resistant gel ensure a bio-correct fit with your ankle. Low-profile for greater freedom.
  • ConFormist.1 Toe Strap: Super conforming EVA for the best-fitting, lowest profile toe strap in snowboarding,
  • UnderWrap Heel Hoop: A ton of leverage over both edges with side-to-side freedom; the most powerful of the UnderWrap designs
  • SubBase Pad: Takes the edge off hard landings and reduces vibration
  • Adjustable Toe and Heel Ramp: Customized fit to the length and shape of your boot
  • QuickStrap.2 Technology: Tool-free strap length adjustment. Screw screws.
  • QuickLock Forward Lean: Tool-free forward lean adjustment
  • 9Times Ankle Strap Positioning: You decide how much ankle support you want
  • Highback Rotation: 0° to 12° of rotation places power where you like it



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