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Dave here talking about the Ride DH snowboard. Definitely one of my favorite snowboards in the Ride lineup. It has got a ton of features on this one. First of all, you got a true twin, radial sidecut. It’s going to be definitely well balanced for spinning, jibbing, and goof around the side of the runs. From there, radial sidecut, really, really predictable. It’s not going to ever be hokey or steer you wrong.

From there, we move into their sidewall. There is a lot going on here. First we got a Thin Con construction. It’s going to be really, really thin, obviously that’s going to reduce the weight with the slightly softer flex that the freestylers are looking for. You got their Slimewalls, which is basically the same urethane you will see in a skateboard wheel, very forgiving, doesn’t crack, locks on the rails really good, takes up a lot of icy hardpack junk we ride here in Minnesota, like on the East Coast too.

That moves into their Cleave Edge. You got an edge that has double the material to it. What that does for you is it is going to be more resistant to cracking. It’s going to be able to be rescued after you detune it. You can still get it back to get a sharp edge on it, so you are going from like a street rail to the halfpipe. You can change it up. It definitely gives you the extra material to do that.

From there, based on this one, nice and loud. You got a die-cut and sublimated graphic on this one. It is a sintered 4000, so very fast. Holds a lot of wax and will get faster throughout the life of it. They do what’s called the Carbon Array within their snowboards. From the insert position to the points of contact, they will inlay carbon to reduce the overall weight of the snowboard, but also to promote the pop of the snowboard. Ride snowboards are definitely known for their massive amounts of pop and that’s one of the way they do it.

Also you’re going to have Pop Stixs which are carbon rods running through the snowboard, another way they lightened it up and just make it definitely a really poppy snowboard for being a twin. The Ride DH snowboard, this thing will sell out before Christmas pretty much every single year. The reason for that is it is just one sweet snowboard at one sweet price. Definitely, definitely try it out.



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