Review: Ride Agenda Snowboard

Dave here at The House talking about the Ride Agenda Snowboard. Pretty good, no frills, kickass true twin snowboard here. What you are looking at, softer flex. On 1 to 10 scale, it’s probably going to be right around like a 3, 3.5. This features a full tip-to-tail wood core. You’ve got sidewall construction, ABS sidewalls on this one. Going to break it on icy hardpacked terrain, going to take up some damage before the snowboard gets totally trashed. It has got an extruded base, nice poppy graphic.

From there, sidecut on this one is going to be a single-radius, so it’s pretty predictable, easy snowboard to ride. It’s going to work really good for the entry level to intermediate rider or for that park rider that’s looking for a less expensive snowboard to get them on the slopes. Ride Agenda, like I said, basic, no frills, really, really nice snowboard. Check it out.


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