Dave here at The House. Talking about hands down the best selling wide snowboard of all time. Nitro Magnum snowboard has been in their line since I started here a good 8 or 9 years ago. So long I don’t even remember when it started. What you’re looking at here, definitely for guys who have a little more girth going on, to their foot. Definitely gonna work good for the 12 to 15 crowd. Of the wide snowboards that they carry this is pretty much the widest, so maybe even say the 13 to 16 crowd is gonna be best off on this snowboard.

As with any of the Nitro boards, it’s gonna be super durable. It’s got a 2 year warranty to back it up. You’re looking at directional twin construction on this one. Can be rocked as a twin for the park and be ridden for a directional snowboard for the rest of the mountain. Basically you got nice flat sidewall construction, they don’t put a lot of material directly over it to save weight, but it does have very good bite going through any icy hard pack trim. It’s gonna be much more durable than any other traditional cap construction would be.

From there moving into the base, you’ve got a really nice extruded base. Very easy to take care of, you don’t have to wax it quite as much, it’s gonna be easier to repair of you get a gouge from a rock or rail onto it. It’s got their tried and true power core, very light weight, very powerful as far as carving and stuff like that goes.

One of the reasons why this Magnum has always been a good seller for us, and for me personally, is the weight of it. It is definitely lighter than most of the other wide snowboards out there, which is good for any snowboard when you start adding the width you’re increasing the surface area exponentially. Definitely good to have a snowboard with lighter weight. Nitro Magnum snowboard, can’t say enough good things about it. Sweet turning snowboard, really just any kind of rider can get on this thing when they got the bigger foot and they’ll have a dream with it.



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