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Now, the Liquid Force wakeboard line starts off with the Trip series, and the Trip series this year celebrates the style of art that we originated with the trip with the artist Drew Brofree. As you can see, we’ve got a killer design that splays across all five models. The Trip goes from a 130, to 134, 138, 142, and our big board, 146. So there’s a killer wakeboard for every rider of every size.

Now, what’s neat about the Trip is that it incorporates features that made this one of Melissa Marquardt’s favorite pro boards. It’s a very user friendly shape. In the middle, it’s got a double inside single concave that flows out into a pronounced double concave between two molded warped side fins.

Now, you can ride it with or without the center fin. Combining with an edge channel on either side, gives the wakeboard super positive tracking. It’s got a nice smooth continuous rocker line, for a real predictable pop. The Liquid Force Trip wakeboard has got a bat tail shaped to keep that tip full and super clean deck contours to just gives you a really nice predictable, but performance user friendly shape.



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