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The Liquid Force Lyman wakeboard. This is a wakeboard completely inspired by the riding style and design influences of Keith Lyman. And now when working with Keith on his dream wakeboard, one of the things he spent some time on, and got influenced by, were the trips. Keith liked the feel of continuous rocker wakeboard, but he wanted something with a higher trajectory.

So what we did is we incorporated the most aggressive continuous rocker we’ve ever put on a Liquid Force shape. So it gives the wakeboard the predictability of that continuous rocker, but with an arc higher that you would normally get in a trip. We have taken the low volume rail that is just starting to happen in a trip and put even more area at the top to give this wakeboard a really sensitive rail that is going to set fast and deep and give you will give you really superior hold. What is unique in Keith’s wakeboard is that it’s a double into quad concave bottom. And this coupled with a quad fin set-up, gives this wakeboard super lift, super fly super hold and tons of>

Now Keith loved the warped fins on the Trip, so what we did is we just made them crisper and a little steeper on the outside. And then we coupled this with removable, cupped, outside fins. And place inside the middle two concaves. And now these fins are totally adjustable. One of the things Keith wanted to do was be able to determine and change how this released off the wake. Sometimes you wanted d a little more hold and releasing a little bit later on the wake. Other times he wants to release earlier. So the fins come drilled with four sets of hold allowing you so to change the position ‘for and ‘aft, deepening on how you want it to release on the wake. Keith also took a really big involvement in generating the graphics. He had a lot of really cool ideas, and tied them in with the look of his>

Now Keith’s Liquid Force Lyman Wakeboards comes in a 135, a 139, and a 143. Keith’s wakeboard also comes in a limited. And we have two sizes the 39 and 43 in our fly versions.



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  1. Ren Aguilar May 10, 2011 at 6:07 pm - Reply

    I weigh 148 and i stand 5’7″.. I want to get the Lyman Fly. Do you think this board may be to big for me? I have been riding a Ronix 1 142….I found out it was a way to big for me…But now i want to buy a board that fits me…I have been on the water 7 times but i have a few tricks down already…I think my 142 board is holding me back from learning more tricks….Some say i shouldn’t ride anything longer than a 138 though….Is there any fly models that are 138 or less? Thanks guys!, Ren

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