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Lib Tech’s Skate Banana is widely regarded as the impetus of the rocker revolution that began around the 06/07 season, and has continued to be a staple in the market since.  It features more rock for your rupees than most other decks, and comes in enough colors to make sure you won’t match any of your friends. Transworld laid down a Good Wood award for the Skate Banana in 2010 and 2009 so you know it’s a legit choice.

Skate Bananas also come with the Magne-Traction edges that have become a Mervin standard because they really do grab onto ice and make it far less terrifying to ride park in some of those blue ice zones that seem to frequent the Midwest and Northeast.


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  1. Alex McLane May 19, 2011 at 4:37 am - Reply

    After a season of heavy riding on the Lib Tech Skate Banana 156 I have nothing but praise for a snowboard that’s a step above the competition. Pacific Northwest snowboarding demands a snowboard that can stay on top of heavy deep powder and also be able to edge on a surface of iced over Pineapple Express leftovers. This snowboard can really be a “my everything” board from big mountain to park and everywhere in between. By the end of the season I was comfortable enough on boxes with the rocker on the Lib Tech to handle a Boardslide 360 spin. It made it all that more satisfying for me because I won the board in an employee raffle at the ski resort I worked at. This year I tried a bunch of other snowboards from friends and demo days but I was always most satisfied with my Skate Banana.

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