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Old Dirty Bastard, here at the house talking about one of the best selling twin tip freestyle jibsticks. This is the Forum Youngblood snowboard. This one in particular is upgraded with Chillydog, which is Forum’s really really cool reverse camber stuff. Kind of got an elliptical smile, really mellow, going on throughout the whole snowboard. So it kind of combines rocker in the middle with rocker on the outer, but with really smooth, predictable lines to it.

This one’s going to have basically just a really simple radial side cut, really predictable nothing too hooky here. It’s going to be nice when you are rolling away from landing and stuff like that. Really stable roll in flat base, up to that quadruple kink you’re about to slay.It’s got a little bit of dual density side wall action going on here. That is going to help you lock onto rails. It is going to absorb impact, and just make it all around a more forgiving ride.

Like I said before, true twin stance, side cut, flex, everything is symmetrical on this one. From there, you’re rolling into die cut, extruded base. Really easy to take care of, doesn’t require much waxing. Easy to repair if something goes wrong with it. Got a nice poppy, bright graphic to it. Comes in some alternate colors that if you get the green on the nose and the tail, or the other neons, you get a little glow going, so maybe if you call me up I can scope one of those for you.

Good Wood Award from Transworld. The Chillydog stuff is killing it for the Good Wood Awards and Snowboard Magazine awards, as well as with all the other mags, it’s crushing it. Every length going too represent a different floor of this building. I chose this one because it has Jesus with his iPod. That, amongst many other things, but this is the highlight for sure. That’s good stuff.

Guys at Forum know what they’re doing, definitely been killing it for years. This is their best selling snowboard and it’s for a damn good reason. Forum Youngblood snowboard, get on it.




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