Dave here at the House once again just absolutely crushing color coordination with the snowboard that I’m talking about. Here we’re talking about the Forum Image snowboard. What you’re looking at is a kind of nice entry level to intermediate all mountain snowboard.

You’ve got a slight directional shape on this one . Going to have ever so slightly more nose than tail. It’s still definitely easy to ride this one twinned out, though. From there you’ve got the customizable top sheet. You just take your Sharpie at home and just black out whatever LCD you want and you can have just 100 curse words rolling across this thing, especially on the tail where the skiers can see it. That’s a good spot for it.

Other than that, the flex on this one is going to be about a four. It can definitely handle some rails and boxes and can be forgiving enough for the entry level rider to get on, but it’s not a super soft snowboard either. It’s not going to fold up when you’re going high speed. It’s definitely going to be a really versatile snowboard. It’s going to work for probably about 70% of the people out there.

It’s got a Biax glass on this one. It’s going to be a pretty giving tortional flexing snowboard. Good twist from nose to tail on this one. Other than that you’ve got a die cut graphic on this one. Definitely got some good pop to it. The extruded base is going to be very easy to maintain. You’re not going to wax it as much. You will be able to repair nicks from rocks or rails a little bit easier with it. (Sorry, I’ve said “extruded” about 100 times today and about 1000 times in the last week.)

It’s a super veratile, well-made snowboard coming out of Forum. Decent side cut to it, it’s going to be pretty reactive. The sidewall construction on this one is going to be really durable. The Forum Image snowboard is just a really solid kind of do-everything directional all-terrain snowboard for you.



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