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Dave, here at The House, talking about another one of my favorite snowboards, the ForumDestroyer Chilly Dog.

This one has a Chilly Dog upgrade. Chilly Dog basically is Forum’s reverse camber or rocker that they are using on their snowboards. Pretty simplistic design to the rocker, I love it. And it’s just one nice elliptical curve. Starts through the center, moves smoothly up through the nose and the tail, supergood for riding all-terrain. It’s going to feel good in the pow, it’s going to press good, it’s going to definitely power through any kind of uneven terrain, definitely has the stability of typically a longer snowboard and the good stuff.

From there, you’re looking at really high-end twin on this one. This is an example of that $400-ish twin that I like to ride. I’m a little bit too husky for those $300-twins. So if you pack a little more heat like myself or if you’re a somewhat powerful rider like myself, the Forum Destroyer Chilly Dog snowboards are good ones to check out.

Got a little bit more meat through the center, so it’s going to have really good support through the center. If you come down a little bit, it backs you in a landing. It’s going to plop you back down, flat-based. Still a nice, tough nose for pressing on the rails and the boxes; just a great, all-terrain, freestyle snowboard. You got the comic Viking graphic going on here this year. Definitely, try and have a little fun with a pretty serious snowboard.

From there, base in this one is going to be a sintered base, it’s going to absorb a lot of wax. It’s going to be fast and it’s going to get faster throughout the life of the snowboard. Flex in this one, I guess it’s a definitely little bit more supportive twin. Versus that 2 to 3 crowd, this one is rocking about the 5 right in the middle of the road, which definitely helps out its versatility.

From there, it’s got a triax glass lay-up. It’s actually a light triax, so it’s really, really, light weight. But the triax is going to add a little bit more stiffness to it versus the regular, low-end biax. Other than that, Forum Destroyer Chilly Dog snowboards got a slew of sizes including wider snowboards than this one, basically got a length for everybody.

Just a really nice meaty sidewalls as I mentioned before, rolling into a pretty thin nose and tail. You got reduced swing weight, reduced wiggle weight in the trees; stuff like that. This is a really, really, supergood, do-everything snowboard with a freestyle focus.

Forum’s great Chilly Dog!



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