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Right here is the DC Journey snowboard boot. This is the snowboard boot I would rock from them being that it is super awesome.
But seriously, things that make is so awesome: first off, you’ve got double lasted sole definitely got a few different components going on into it. It’s going to keep it light weight, but still keep it really really grippy. This one will have an air bag in the heel. Definitely good at absorbing those ice hardpack landings or just acting as a suspension anywhere else on the mountain. Really good grip on icy hardpack stuff. From there, moving to the back stay, which is pretty aggressive on this one, they use kind of a directional tooth pattern both on the back stay and on the toe. This is going to help it from moving up and down on the highback. It’s going to lock it in place really good, gives you really good response, really good heel hold within the snowboard binding. Same thing on the toe if you’re rocking the toe cap straps. Keeps it from slipping up and down on the snowboard boot.
Other than that, you’ve got an articulating cuff, really really good at flexing on itself, more like a hinge would do, but you don’t get the bunching or cripping that you typically get right underneath your ankle strap when the snowboard boot’s solid all the way through. That moves you into the 3D molded tongue. One again here, it’s not going to deform when you get the pressure of the laces on it. It’s going to suck in really good into your shin into the top of your foot. Just adds more comfort to it. On the interior, we have a lace harness, something I insist on my snowboard boots. It’s not only going to take your foot, and move it back into the liner, but it’s going to take the whole liner and put it back in the snowboard boot. Sometimes when you have the laces on the liner, the liner can move up and down a little bit in the snowboard boot. This definitely does not allow it to do so.
Moving into the liner itself, you’ve got the alpha liner, it’s the best liner they make. Super cush, very comfortable, rides good right out of the box. They’ve got power strap which is going to keep the 3D molded tongue centered throughout the day. It’s not going to want to twist or shift to the side of the liner. They have a lot of stiffening agents that they use on the outer part of the snowboard boot, going into a J-bar which holds your ankle bone very very well, one again, increasing the heel hold. Just like the Achilles grabber in back of the snowboard boot.  It’s really really good at holding your heel in place, not letting it move up and down. They do use a directional nap on that’s going to keep your heel down, but not allow your socks to be moving up and down throughout the day.
Finally, one of the coolest features of this, it actually does have outlast in it. This is something I’ve rocked in numerous snowboard boots now and it kind of sounds like some techie gizmo, but it actually does work. Outlast is a registered space technology. Basically what it does is if your foot is overheating and it’s sweating it will take that heat away, store it and then later on when your foot is cold it kicks it back to you. Super cool temperature regulation fabric that they only include in their high end liner. Then finally we’ve got the best insole they make. We’ve got gel in the forefront of the liner and then also the heel. Really soft foam runs into a stiffer plastic cage which is going to give really good arch support but also help it maintain its shape and keep your foot centered within the bottom of the snowboard boot.
Just a really really cool snowboard boot. Yeah, the DC Journey snowboard boot; if you are intermediate to an advance rider who pretty much shreds everything this is going to be definitely one to take a look at.



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