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Dave here at the house. Talking about the DC BDR snowboard. Rocker or Anti Camber, or as they refer to it Bender Done Right (BDR) snowboard. Now this one’s jumping on the band wagon, but it’s jumping on definitely the right way.

What you’re looking at on this one its to be flat between the snowboard bindings and it rolls up ever so slightly at the nose and the tail. What that’s going to do is give you pretty good contact with hard pack or icy conditions. Definitely still stick to the rail when you’re doing a 50-50, but definitely makes it a little more versatile as floating through the good stuff or any kind of natural terrain you may be coming across. Obviously your pressing is going to be a little bit easier since it’s pre-dispostioned to bend that way.

From there you got 4×2 insert patterns Really good micro stance adjustments, you can definitely bang out about a 25.5 stance in this one. So you can definitely do the wide street stance. Sidewall construction on this one is multi colored Sidelwall construction actually, in all four corners. Definitely a bright snowboard. Sidewall is always going to give you a real good grip. It’s going to be really durable, hold up to metal damage a little bit better.

This one you have a 7200 sintered base. DC is crazy with their bases especially on twin freestyle snowboards. There is 7200-7500 on it, It’s what most companies include in their $600 and $700 snowboards. Definitely very fast.; requires a little more waxing than the extruded bases but it’s definitely there and it will get faster throughout the life of the snowboard with that. It’s got there infinite blend side cut. A little bit different from what they’re doing with the 7 Radius stuff. This would represent a smoother, almost radial blend to it. That being said it will be a more predictable and forgiving snowboard than some of the other offerings.

Moving on you have an Aeron Core, which is a really light weight tip to tail wood core, with a carbon stringer running down the center line. This will keep the snowboard light with good support down the middle where you need it while still loose and torsionally forgiving. Biaxial fiberglass will complement the carbon centerline in keeping the snowboard nice and forgiving.

This is an really really good rocker snowboard from DC and will not last until Thanksgiving.

The DC BDR snowboard…check it out!



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