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Dave McCaul here at the House talking about the Capita Quiver Killer snowboard, this is one that hometown hero Dan Breezy rides when he’s in the back country. Definitely a firmer, more supportive, all terrain, back country, free style machine; definitely a work running laps through the park but not going to be the best thing for like rails, boxes, stuff like that. Jumps, powder, pipe, cheese wedges in the back country, that’s what this snowboard is all about.

From there you’re looking at super high end construction for Capita on this one. You’ve got one of their best fiber glass lay-ups; definitely going to be very lightweight but very responsive. From there you have one of their best wood cores; definitely got a lot of laminates within it; its going to reduce the weight, make it more responsive and just a more durable over all as well too.

You got a high end sintered base on this one, going to take a lot of wax, going to get faster over time; super good in that respect; numerous Good Wood award winners on this one. It comes in a pretty affordable price tag for its performance. It’s definitely competing directly with snowboards that cost a lot more than this one here. Other than that, made in Austria; Capita, completely rider owned, designed, and then manufactured in Austria. You can’t really say anything bad about that. Capita Quiver Killer snowboard, just like the name says.



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