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Dave McCaul here talking about CAPiTA Stairmaster snowboard. It’s the snowboard that kind of started it off for CAPiTA. What you are looking at is just over three, twin, jib, durable, awesomeness. It will be a great snowboard for anybody that is lapping the park, doing city handrails, just looking for a snowboard that can beat the living crap out of in silk-milk, come back for more. Like I said, twin shape, softer flex in this one. On a 1 to 10 scale, you are probably looking at about 3 to 4 on this one. So definitely presses really easy. It is going to be forgiving off jumps. This is a super popular one with their team riders.

It has got the tried and true trusted 3Ts. Sidewall construction here, really good bite, really good durability, protects the lay up of the snowboard very well. You got a pretty beefy edge. You are going to be able to detune this one and still bring it back later if you want to. Finally, this years got the Corey Smith graphic, rest in peace, but they are always going to have something a little more edgy on this. The graphic still crushes it for sure. Other than that, this is the snowboard that put them on the map. True twin, freestyle, madness: CAPiTA Stairmaster snowboard.



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