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Man, this is the bang for the buck warrior right here, the Burton Troop snowboard.

What you’re looking at here is definitely, I would say, an intermediate to advanced, all mountain or all mountain tree style for sure. It’s got a stiffer profile to it. It’s definitely one of their more responsive woman’s snowboards. It’s really going to do good on natural terrain and powder, pipe, things of that nature. Not exactly the snowboard you want to throw a beginner on, but for everybody else it’s going to work out super sick.

Directional shape, directional flex, directional inserts on this one. A Slightly longer nose and tail. From there you’ve got the inserts for mounting the 3-D whole pattern snowboard bindings, whether they be Burton or another manufacturer. A slant wall, definitely giving you good grip and good durability for the snowboard.

Rolling into the base you’ve got a sintered vision base. It’s definitely going to absorb a lot of wax. It’s going to be fast and it’s going to have really good clarity. It also will only get faster the more you wax it.

This one does have infinite ride built into it. They stick it into a machine that simulates about three years of usage. What that means is it flexes the same throughout the life of the snowboard. It definitely does work too. These things maintain their flex better than any other snowboards on the market. Pro tip construction gives you a meaty side wall blended into a really, really thin nose and tail. Reduce in the swing weights makes it quicker to react in the tree walls and stuff like that.

This one will have pressure distribution edges. Underneath the snowboard binding position the edges bow out ever so slightly. It gives you a point of contact here, here, here and here. You’re going to have way better grip going up a pipe wall. You’re going to have way better grip on icy, hard packed terrain, something they’re featuring in a lot of their hard snowboards this year. But combined with the flex and the support of this bad girl right here, it’s going to a screaming carver for sure.

Other than that, triex glass is rounding up the construction. It’s going to be a really supportive, stiffer glass. It allows them to run a slightly thinner wood core, but still get the flex that the women look for in the Troop. Definitely a cult favorite. A super versatile snowboard. One you should definitely give a twirl.

Burton Troop snowboard!



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  1. mirjam April 5, 2015 at 6:48 am - Reply

    I’ love this board because of it’s flex.
    One difficulty i find is that i have a shoe size of 42. Difficult to find bindings that fit on the width of this board. I’m searching for Fastech bindings. I almost fought i had my dream bindings but then the bindings were too large on the board grrr. They had bindings but in colours blue and white. Really difficult to find black or purple bindings.

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