Dave here at The House, talking about the Burton Supermodel X snowboard. Super sick snowboard. If you’re not ever going to the park, but you’re an experienced rider, this is one you should check out. What you’re looking at here is an upgraded version of the regular Supermodel. Things to note on this one: it does have a slightly tapered shape. You’ve got an extra centimeter of nose versus tail. That’s going to promote float in the good stuff, give you a little less rear leg burn, but with that minimal amount of taper, this is still going to perform really good on hard-packed terrain as well, versus some of the snowboards that have a little more taper, such as the Malolo and the Fish. This one definitely kills any type of terrain.

From there you’ve got the Carbon Vaporskin topsheet. It’s basically going to be infused with the fiberglass below it to reduce the weight of the snowboard. From there you’ve got the Powder Fly III core, basically the best core they put into their powder free ride snowboards. It’s going to have a lighter weight core material for the nose to balance out the fact that it has a shorter, smaller tail. It makes the snowboard still really balanced if you’re spinning off cliffs, and stuff like that. You’re definitely going to have a more supportive flex. On a one to ten scale, you’re probably looking at about a seven on the Burton Supermodel X snowboard, so it can handle high speed terrain and uneven terrain very easily.

It has their Channel. I can’t say enough good things about that. I’ve been rocking it on all my snowboards the last couple years. It’s definitely revolutionary as far as your snowboard feel and its padding, if you combine it with an EST snowboard binding, which I consider mandatory for my customers. You’re only getting half the performance of the setup unless you get the EST snowboard binding on it. From there, run over to the base. You’ve got the Sintered N2O WFO base. What you’re looking at here is a lot of wax pounded into this thing from the factory, about equivalent to 30 hot waxes. So this thing is lightning fast right out of the bag. Burton has the best base finish in the industry, period, from the factory. Over the life of the snowboard, the more you wax it, the faster the snowboard’s going to get.

Other technologies this one has in it: you’ve got the pressure distribution edges which will be indicated here, and a little bit back here. What it does is it bumps up the edge ever so slightly, giving you an extra point of contact versus traditional snowboards which will have one in the nose and in the tail. This one puts extra biting grip right underneath your snowboard bindings. Stainless steel edges on this one. They’re not going to rust, they’re going to hold their edge a lot longer.

From there you’ve got your Pro 45 sidewall, tried and true slantwall construction. They run it horizontal though here and it gets more vertical as you get out toward the contact points, establishing more bite in the initial contact area. Super sick snowboard. If you’re a freerider this is going to be like that nice Lambo or Ferrari out on the slopes for sure. I highly recommend it. You should check it out. Burton Supermodel X.



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