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“The new Prophecy reveals the truth of what bindings will be like in years to come.”—Burton


When reading through the tech features pumped into the Prophecy bindings, it’s easy to picture Burton’s mad scientists making a list of every good binding feature ever conceived and going to work. The end result is a binding that’s designed to handle any situation you drag them into and beg for more.


For most people, their first impression of the Prophecy is the giant slot through the ankle straps center. The Cored Ultrastrap Air™, as Burton calls it, is designed to lighten your load and simultaneously ease the pressure put on your foot by a traditional ankle strap—all without sacrificing response. And no, the “Air in the straps name does not refer to the empty space that was cut out. It refers to the air cushions that line the strap’s inside—think industrial strength bubble wrap—to ensure that all pressure points cease to exist. Along the same lines the Prophecy toe strap is a new and improved version of Burton’s Capstrap™ that features a cored center, rubber lining and rubber caps on the top and bottom of the strap. The extra rubber gives added hold while the hollow center alleviates the toe crunching discomfort sometimes associated with cap straps.


“Dual-Component Canted Living Hinge™ Air Mesh Hi-Back”—that’s Burton tech talk for “weight reduction and response make a lovely couple.” Living Hinge™ is a tried and true method gives the rider tool-less adjustability without adding unnecessary weight or profile to the hi-back. Responsive material is not always comfortable material so while the hi-back’s spine is stiff and supportive, the mesh backing it’s attached to easy forms to the back of a boot.


Since Burton introduced its EST system the main point of contention anyone has had with it is that it does not play well with others—it’s not compatible with non-Burton snowboards. That’s a gap the Prophecy promises to close. In place of the traditional, stiff, one piece discs of yesterday the Prophecy, and two other Burton bindings this year, have base plates with a thin, flexible center. Likewise, the base of the binding itself is left open. The end result is a binding that flexes freely with your snowboard’s movements instead of hindering them. Eliminating the feedback killing dead zones from beneath your bindings is just one of the design’s benefits. The other two are comfort—standing on foam instead of hard plastic is nice—and the obvious drop in weight.


  • The Cored Ultrastrap Air™ and Gettragrip Capstrap™ will keep you secure and comfortable without weighing down your ollies.
  • Dual-Component Canted Living Hinge™ Air Mesh Hi-Back:  A big name with the simple purpose of maximizing responsiveness while minimizing discomfort.
  • When your board flexes, you’ll be able to feel it. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? The dual component base and base plate will give you more feedback than a bad cell phone call.
  • You can mount these next generation foot fasteners to ANY board on the market.


  1. Marcus Duropan August 16, 2012 at 3:46 pm - Reply

    Super beginners

  2. Jack October 5, 2012 at 7:40 am - Reply

    I got a pair and they are amazing 😀 and redculusly sexy

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