D-Mac here talking about the best-selling snowboard boot on the market for the last 8 years running, the Burton Moto snowboard boot. Super awesome price-point snowboard boot. Don’t be scared away by the price. These things actually are pretty supportive; about a 4 on the 1 to 10 scale. They’ll work for a lot of riders that don’t think they would.

We got Speed Zone lacing on the Motos vs. on their lower-end snowboard boots, they’re going to use a single-pull. They don’t have the dual-zone, they wanted convenience on this one. So you just do the single pull, push it towards the back of the leg, cams in the locks, and it stays that same tightness all day long. Really good durability with the Speed Zones. I haven’t had one issue with the three snowboard boots that I bought. By far the quickest in and out lacing system I have in the shop. Super convenient, easy to use. Don’t have to re-tighten throughout the day.

Moving to the outer. We got a full synthetic construction. Waterproof up until the gusset on the tongue. Sole on this one is a full rubber sole with the ice spikes in the front. It’s gonna do really good at gripping icy parking lots or if you’re climbing up the side of a pipe, it holds you really good. Color way on this one looks amazing on the blunt. It almost seems like it was designed together. Moving into the interior, you got a 3D molded tongue. It’s gonna wrap around your shin really nicely. Sucks in, gives you a nice heel hold, but doesn’t bunch or crimp at all, which is definitely a nice feature. They’ve 3D molded in every direction on these.

Moving to the liner. You got an Imprint-1 liner. This thing is going to be heat moldable. Typically with heat molding, I prefer just wearing them around the house or actually riding them to mold them I find it a little bit more natural way of molding versus shocking them with the heating towers at the shop. Although if you do have a pressure point right out of the box, take them down to your local shop, through them on the heaters and that will back right off. But you can definitely mold them either way. Super versatile in that respect. Laces will be on the liner on this one. It’s got the Burton toggle which is the best in the industry as far as being durable, holding well throughout the day and easy to release at the end of the day. You got a really comfortable, soft almost fleece-like surface on the inside. Burton always has really good achilles grabbers to give you good heel hold. You can see on the outside it’s got some reinforcement going on, too, to help stiffen it up and also to give you that good heel hold that you’re looking for with the snowboard boots.

In-sole on this one is a really nice simple level-1 in-sole. Definitely a deep pocket to keep your foot centered in there. You don’t feel the seams from this one at all. Good arch support. Lot of cool stuff, really easy to use. Best selling snowboard boot of the last 8 years. Burton Moto snowboard boot.



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  1. liftie November 30, 2012 at 5:16 pm - Reply

    Just got my hands on a pair of these beasts. Mad comfy. Great support. Excellent boot, for an excellent price!

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