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Dave here at The House talking about the Burton Malolo snowboard. What you are looking at here is really nice ride snowboard from Burton. This one is starting to get definitely a little bit Powder specific. You got 2 cm extra nose for the width than you do in the tail. It is definitely going to promote really good float and the good stuff. Give you a little less weird leg burn, still can be ridden on a hardpack, but if you are doing a lot of hardpack too, you might want to take a look at the supermodel. I have this snowboard and on a pow day it is fun for sure.

What you are looking at is you got the Channel system. Really, really good one combined and compared to the EST snowboard bindings. Really when you have that combo, it is the biggest performance jump I have seen Burton make in the 22 years that I have been riding. From there you have got the cool Get Lifted program, you get a free Lift Ticket at half the resorts in the country, fill it out online, get a free Lift Ticket just for buying the snowboard, no other company is doing that.

From there we move into the sidewall, pretty cool sidewall on this one. You got 10:45 in the rear blended to a slant wall in the front. They are figuring that this snowboard is going to receive most of its abuse in the rear quarters when you are navigating through and kind of nose having the pow. This is what is going to be picking out the rocks and stuff like that. So they make it with beefier in the rear, light weight in the front. It does have the Powder Fly II Core. What you are looking at is they use lighter weight wood in the nose of the snowboard to combat the fact that it has got a bigger nose than tail, makes the snowboards really balance. It is going to maneuver through the tree wells really well and this would be even more playful, more balance than the rest of the hill.

Moving from that you got a super high end sintered base. It is going to be folding impregnated with wax from the factory. They got the best base finishing in the industry, ready to rip right out of the bag and only gets faster the more you wax it. Doing kind of like it is laminated die-cut deal on this one. Definitely, really good graphic on this one this year. Other than that, just super sick free ride snowboard and starting to get definitely a little bit Powder specific on this one. Burton Malolo snowboard, I have this one myself and I recommend it highly.



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