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Dave here at The House talking about one of Burton’s best-selling snowboard boots of all-time, the Burton Freestyle snowboard boot.

They keep getting better and better each year. This year’s snowboard boot is no exception. What you’re looking at is definitely a skatestyle snowboard boot. It’s got the white elephant combo that made the P-rod so hot at the beginning of the year. You got the new Speed hooks, they’re definitely going to be quicker getting the laces on and off of the upper part of the snowboard boot. My favorite thing that they made a little bit better this year is the articulating cuff. It’s really, really big this year. Long story short, when you’re flexing your knee when you’re riding, these snowboard boots will flex more like a hinge. You don’t get the bunching or the crimping that you typically got in the in-step region before.

It’s a very lightweight snowboard boot. Synthetic construction on the outer part. Rubber sole, ice spikes on the front. It’s gonna be really good at gripping the pipe as you’re hiking up it or walking through the icy parking lot. Nylon lace loops on this one do that skate style look again. It does have a lace protector to keep them from slashing on the snowboard edge when you’re on the lift. Traditional laces on this one.

Moving on the liner, what you’re looking at here is a flex-1 liner. This is the base liner in their park-specific line. Definitely it’s going to be a freestyle-oriented snowboard boot. Liner on this one will have the laces on the liner itself. With the Burton pull, it’s super easy. On and off, it stays tight through the whole day. Interior, this is gonna be really comfortable, really soft, fleece-like material. It has really good achilles grabbers in the back of the snowboard boot, it’s gonna help give you good heel hold and keep your foot from moving around.The in-sole on this one is a basic level-one in-sole. Definitely very supportive in the heel region. It’s got good arch support.

Flex on these snowboard boots is gonna be a little on the softer side, probably about 3.5 to 4.They really like the park on all-mountain freestyle. Just a hot looking snowboard boot at a hot price. Burton Freestyle snowboard boot- gotta get it.



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