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Dave here at The House talking about the CAPiTA Warehouse Manager’s favorite snowboard. All the slew of snowboards he has the option of riding there, he chooses this one on the pow day at Baker. You got the Burton Fish LTD snowboard. It is the best powder snowboard we got on the shop, definitely the most tech on this one for any powder snowboard ever in existence.

Starting off, you got the channel, hooks up really good with the EST snowboard bindings. That’s going to let the snowboard flex really, really true going through the uneven terrain. It’s going to give you really good adjustability options. So you’re getting super deep, you can scootch the front snowboard binding back a little bit. It’s going to give you more float.

Name of the game here definitely is going to be float in the pow. You got three millimeters wider nose than you do with tail. What that does is it really keeps the nose up on top, lets the rear sink down. So versus a traditional snowboard when you’re sitting back in the saddle, trying to keep the nose up, this one you can just kind of stand on regular, it floats on top, you get less rear leg burn. Definitely works, I have this snowboard myself and you ride a Fish on a powder day, it will be your favorite snowboard and your favorite day ever I guarantee.

New stuff on the fishy Fish. We got a new construction for ‘em. It is almost an full-on cap. It has a little bit of a sidewall here. It’s going to give you good durability, good edge bite, but then with the partial cap, it’s going to act kind of a suspension, being a little bit looser, little bit better over uneven terrain, but reduces the weight having the roll top and such. They beef it up a little bit in the rear assuming that it’s going to take more hits in the rear of the snowboard.

And as far as the core goes, they have their powder Fly III Core which is equivalent to basically the Dragon Fly Core you see in like the Custom X and all their high-end wood core snowboards. Although they lighten up the nose material to make it more balanced since it has a much larger nose and tail, that works really good when you are whipping through the tree walls and stuff like that. It’s still a balance reactive snowboard.

Going over to the base, we got a Sintered N20, WFO, OMG, WTF, BBQ base here. It’s going to be the fastest base they make. Really, really highly impregnated with wax from the factory, super slick right out of bag, only gets faster throughout the time as you wax it more. Stainless steel edges. I mean it has still got like a whole book worth of tech on it.

That’s the main stuff you are going to want to know. If you’re looking for supplemental pow snowboard, you are riding out West, pick up one of these. It will last you for a good 10 years. And yeah, they are just absolutely amazing snowboards. Like I said, I’d want a couple of these myself now. I wouldn’t trade a Burton Fish snowboard for anything in the world on a powder day.




  1. Tim Hunt January 29, 2017 at 7:15 pm - Reply

    Hi there,is a 160 too big for me? I’m just under 6ft weigh about 82kg

    • gufrocks March 2, 2017 at 6:31 pm - Reply

      You fit within the weight range.

  2. jun February 2, 2017 at 7:16 pm - Reply

    if i ride a 158 all mountain board, would a 150 burton fish ltd be too small for me? thanks for the input

    • gufrocks March 2, 2017 at 6:30 pm - Reply

      It really depends on how much you weigh.

      The 2017 Fish has 3 sizes…

      151cm – 125-136 lbs.
      156cm – 135-175 lbs.
      161cm 155-195 lbs.

      Give or take a few lbs.

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