Dave here at The House, talking about super awesome snowboard the Burton Feelgood V Rocker snowboard. New snowboard form this year. This is basically going to be a ladies version of the Custom V Rocker. So you’re looking at a slightly thinner waist width, slightly softer flex. This is the snowboard that our ex-employee and peace corps sensation Becky Haag is riding. Got the channel through the center line. It’s really really good at making the mounting a lot simpler if you rock it with the EST snowboard binding.

From there, you’ll have better shock absorption. You’ll have better snowboard feel. You’ll have less dead spot right underneath of the snowboard binding that you would have with traditional snowboard binding. So if you’re buying this high end of a snowboard with a channel, you definitely got to do EST on top of it too. Escapades work really, really good on it.

From there, you’ve got engineer grain direction, which is running the grain of the wood from the channel to the edge of the snowboard. Gives you really good grip. This year, they added lightning bolts on top of it. Also, extra little carbon strings on top of that, running from the track to the snowboard edge. Really, really good edge grip. That will actually run into their pressure distribution edge. It’s kind of hard to see with the naked eye, but it actually does bow out ever so slightly underneath the snowboard binding positions. So you have a point of contact here, here, here, and here; versus the tradition snowboards which will just be here and here. Really good icy hard pack grip. Really good grip when climbing the icy pipe wall. This is a super versatile snowboard.

V Rocker, as the name implies, is a reverse camber, or rocker of the snowboard. V Rocker is nice because when you stand on it, the snowboard almost goes completely flat. You have really good contact with the snow when you’re doing icy hard pack terrain, if you’re doing a 50-50 on a rail or a box. You still have really good contact. It does lift up ever so slightly after the snowboard binding positions, but that’s nice. It basically just keeps that effective edge beginning off the snow. That’s the spot where most of us are going to hook our edge, causing us to scorpion. So it just makes it a little more forgiving. Definitely going to make it float really really good in the pow, should you come across it.

From there, you got a super fly 2 core. Very, very high end wood core running throughout the core. Tip to tail with the Burton cores. So it’s going to be lively, light. It does have the infinite ride process built into it, which is where they stick it into a machine that simulates about three years of usage. So you get it out of the box and flex it, it’s going to flex the same about three or four years down the road too. Super cool technology that only Burton does.

These are handmade in Canada, so definitely good quality control and a rival product coming from them. Combine that with a high end sintered base, really really fast, absorbs a lot of wax, it’s going to get faster throughout the life of it. Pretty cool sunset theme graphic going on with this one. You can see through the wood core in a few windows. Got some gold details rocking. Super solid cosmetically, but even more performance wise. Burton Feelgood V Rocker snowboard.



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