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Dave here at The House, talking about one of the best snowboards we have in the shop. Brand spanking new Burton Custom X snowboard. They did add the channel to it which is really, really nice. Now you can use it with the EST snowboard bindings; which is definitely going to revolutionize your snowboard feel, the cushion, and also the weight of the entire setup too. Pretty much for every reason to attach a bind to a snowboard is better.

Other than that you’re looking at the very light Vapor Skin topsheet; it’s going to reduce the weight overall, it definitely will be very durable too. Moving into the sidewall, you’re going to have the pressure distribution edges, as well as the different compounded sidewall in these regions, and it’s going to help protect the snowboard from any kind of damage. It’s going to provide better grip on icy hard pack conditions with the pressure distribution edge, and this is going to kind of act as a suspension making the snowboard carve a lot smoother.

On the base, you’re looking at the Sintered WFO Vision base, the best base they make. It’s extremely fast! It will be the envy of your friends (unless they have the same snowboard). Definitely should require waxing about three to five times out, but the speed payoff versus an extruded will definitely be very, very good. The interior of the snowboard is going to be their Dragonfly Core, which is the nicest wood core they produce. It’s extremely lightweight, has tons of lamination, engineered grade direction to give you more power to those pressure distribution edges. All in all, pretty much with the channel system now, the Burton Custom X snowboard is the best wood core snowboard I have in the shop.



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