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Dave here at The House talking about one of our best sellers. You get the Burton Clash snowboard, just a super good entry level to intermediate all mountain broad. Great first time snowboard or great snowboard for somebody that’s looking maybe at the intermediate range, looking for a beater snowboard or a park snowboard. Got directional shape and directional flex on this one, slightly different tail than nose and definitely set back stance. It’s going to be for that rider that’s maybe not riding switch quite as often as some of the twin riders would be.

Got the traditional inserts on this snowboard. It’s going to mount up with the Burton 3D hole pattern snowboard bindings or ones compatible with that. Fly Core on the interior of this one. Burton’s base core is better than other company’s high end cores. Very light weight and very poppy, tons of different laminates going into it. And even their lowest end snowboard will have some engineered grain directions kicking the grain from the insert patterns directly to the edge like so in these areas. Just better power transmission, better edge hold, better durability; they’re really cool with technology in a snowboard of this price.

Also you got a slant wall construction; a lot of other companies in their low end will cap off their snowboards. This one gives you a side wall which protects the internals for the snowboard. Gives it better edge hold on icy hard packed terrain; just makes it more durable against those skiers that constantly ram you in the lift line. You know, the ones you want to beat the living crap out of! Yeah, you know who you are. From there you got the pro tip construction, meaty side wall running into a very thin nose and tail, which reduces the swing weight and makes the snowboard torsionally more forgiving. Definitely lightens up the snowboard overall.

From there you’re moving to the extruded base, just really easy to maintain. If you get any kinds of nicks from rocks or rails, it’s really easy to repair. Doesn’t require much waxing, pretty much a maintenance free base. Like I said, really good technology for a snowboard of this price range. Burton Clash snowboard. Check it out! Sorry if I offended you skiers.




  1. Jeremy July 10, 2012 at 10:52 am - Reply

    I love the board. At the start of last season I strapped it on for the first time, I knew to expect a difference as I switched from a 162 K2 Eldorado (awesome powder board) to something more suited to Ontario’s weathered and down right choppy hills. Very responsive yet forgiving, the clash is an excellent all round board, and paired with a nice set of Mission bindings, you can’t go wrong. The only thing I can’t seem to change is my old AirWalk boots lol. Happy trails!

    • gufrocks July 17, 2012 at 1:51 pm - Reply

      Now that’s an awesome comment Jeremy! You should post a pic of the Airwalks! They were my first real snowboard boots in 1992!

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