Wrapping up our week of mind-warping, multi-dimensional skateboarding videos is this Red Bull Canvas clip. While it’s more of a cool commercial than a video part, the use of paint really works well with the 3D. Joey Brezinski gets himself a white room straight out of an insane asylum and goes to town with buckets of Red Bull-can-colored paint. The Red Bull Canvas edit brings in the team’s number one manual master for some shots on this blank park, and he does what he does best on the ledge and manual pad, sending paint flying everywhere.

Joey Brezinski is fresh off a win at Red Bull Manny Mania a couple of months back, so maybe skating in paint is going to become a new training method. Practice on the slippery surface of some paint, and then when you get to the streets it all seems easier, kind of like the manualing equivalent of a foam pit!

All this 3D from our videos this week has got us wishing for a full-length video that combines the art and progression of skateboarding, preferably premiered on a big screen. Judging by the mainstream 3D movies, this undoubtedly will include a slip out with the board flying right at your POV, but that’s a trade-off we’re willing to make.

Did you notice there’s a perfectly good park bench on the set that gets left out? What gives Jojo? Check out more Red Bull videos on their skate site.

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