Merrell Refuge Review

Today we’re going to talk about the Refuge. My name is Aaron Brown and I’m a sales representative for Merrell Footwear. What I like most about the Refuge is its versatility. This is a multi-sports shoe meaning it can basically be used for anything; hiking, walking, biking, running. This shoe has waterproof leathers so it’s going to keep you dry when there’s a lot of rain, ice, or snow. We use Split Heel technology and what that means is that there’s a dual density EVA pods that are running through the shoe. On the outside they are color coded red, and on the inside they’re color coded gray. On the inside it’s a denser EVA which helps to stop you from pronating, and what that is [when] your foot rolls to the inside. If you stop yourself from pronating your hips and knees will feel great at the end of the day. Here you can see the different densities we’re using in the heel and a lot of these features in the shoe are hidden so you would never see them unless we had this cutout here. We’ve got an air cushion combined with the different densities of EVA and an arch shank, which really helps your foot from bottoming out especially when you’re going uphill on tougher terrain where you need it most. ┬áIt has bellows at the tongue to keep debris out of the shoe.We’re using vibram on the bottom of these shoes which is like having a tire on the bottom of your foot. This shoe’s going to wear very well and gives you enough stickiness if you are scrambling or you are getting on a trail where there’s some loose debris. You’re going to have very good footing. It’s lugged appropriately and there’s really not a better outsole on the market than vibram. That’s all for today and I hope you learned a little something. This is Merrell, and let’s get outside.

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