Merrell Moab GTX Review

Today, I’m here to talk to you a little bit about the Moab Gore-Tex. You know, the Moab Gore-Tex is an awesome, multi-sports shoe that we offer. You know it’s made of Gore-Tex construction, so it’s gonna be breathable, waterproof, and lightweight. It’s got a nice, wide, sturdy platform built on this Vibram outsole. With the Waterproof Dura leather and mesh upper, you know it’s the perfect all-around shoe. It’s perfect for warm weather, but it’s gonna keep you nice and warm in those wintery months, as you can see here, because of the waterproof construction. We do offer what’s called Merrell air cushion technology and it’s throughout our whole line. And it’s basically a cutout in the midsole that’s gonna offer absorbance up to four times the body weight right upon heel strike. This is the shoe that’s gonna do everything for ya, and it’s a great all-around shoe. That’s why I wear it every day. Because I can wear it to work and I can go out on the trails and do a quick hike, and it’s perfect for that. I hope today was helpful and as we like to say at Merrell, let’s get outside.


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