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This is a technical guide to Merrell Footwear. Today, we’ll be talking about the Chameleon Stretch. Hi, my name’s Chris and I’m gonna be talking about the Chameleon Stretch Gore-Tex. The first thing you notice when you pick up the product is that there’s a good lug depth at the heel of the shoe. It’s got a Vibram outsole, so it’s gonna be really durable but also really tacky and sticky for the trail when you’re walking on uneven or slippery ground. The second thing you’ll notice is the cushioning unit inside the shoe. It’s actually hidden so if we take a look at the cutaway of the product, you can see there’s a good amount of cushioning in the back heel of the shoe that runs all the way to the front. Also, you have this little cushioning unit in the back. It’s Merrell’s Air Cushion technology. It’s gonna give you extra stability control on the trail and also extra comfort. Possibly, the best characteristic of this product, though, is the slip-on construction at the top. This is a gasket right at the top with the bungee cord elastic. You know, when you’re coming back from the trail and you’re tired and you wanna kick off your shoes, the great thing about this is that you can just kick it off in the back (or likewise when ¬†you’re dashing out the door and ready to go), you can slide right in, pull the toggle, and you’re all set. I hope you learned a little bit more today and as we say at Merrell, let’s get outside.


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